How the electric motor

So that the electric motor can function and perform its primary task, it uses the principle of electromagnetism. This machine is very important for various segments and is now considered one of the most important and economical, it’s no wonder you always have novelty and studies addressing the same.

The motor receives power and makes the conversion of mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is present in many products and also industrial processes, so it is realized that this engine is very important in many segments, as already mentioned earlier and that we know, but it is not always total.

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Inside, the engine has several details and parts that are responsible for the performance of their duties. Today this engine is very economical and effective, can well meet the needs and always economically. The internal parts are responsible for the execution and processing of energy.

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Temperature directly affects the life of the electric motor

The electric motor has its life directly related to the thermal and dielectric properties of insulating materials that can age due to the proportional increase in temperature that it suffers when the electric motor is in operation.

The electric motor v belts 3vx530 W22 line has a venting system which comprises a fan, fan cover and the housing is produced so that there is a maximum dissipation as heat spots where there is greater heat concentration are eliminated and so the maximum operating temperature the windings will be diminished and the result will be longer service life of the electric motor.

The electric motor that is driven by frequency inverter has an increase in temperature in its operation because of a PWM waveform and imposed on its winding. Thus, an electric motor that operates an inverter has a significant increase in process performance in both efficiency suit as electric motor operating costs.

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Know the importance of the carburetor to the electric motor bike

Like the car, the electric motor bike need to have a carburetor. And there are many types of carbs that can be installed in the electric motor of the electric bicycle.

Weber carburetor is the original type and easier to be found on the electric motor of the bike, because it has adjustable air / fuel ratio and also a lever for controlling the acceleration of the bike.

The Speed ​​carburetor has a greater input of air and fuel. Thus, this allows the electric motor carburetor perform the mixing and thus the electric motor mro supply will be increased performance.

The carburetor GT15 model has the same specifications as the carburetor Normal Speed, but their difference is in the lever as it will be installed on the handlebars of the bicycle and the result will be a change in acceleration, it will be close to hand who is walking bike and do not need to have any key.

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Understand how the electric motor efficiency can be changed

The electric motor is the machine that best transforms electrical energy into mechanical, but not enough to use an electric motor that is high performance to accomplish this transformation.

It is also essential to use the most efficient way possible, thus it will be possible to eliminate the waste of causes to make the electric motor of the use that can be caused by: internal losses, income, engine oversizing, power factor, power supply, maintenance and mechanical and repair and reconditioning losses.

The electric motor efficiency also varies and the electric motor efficiency is low when the load is between 0 and 60% of the power the electric motor. This is one of the biggest reasons where energy waste occurs because the electric motor is oversized.

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When the electric motor is oversized it has a higher cost, weight and volume, there is a reduction of the power factor and so the installation of equipment is required to perform the correction and also a reduction in yield.

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Find out where some of the electric motor models are applied

The single-phase electric motor Shaded-pole is characterized by low torque starting, low income and low power factor, but this engine is very invested in machines that dries clothes, hoods, fans, evaporators, condensers, dehumidifiers, room coolers, units cooling in general and barbecue grills.

The single-phase electric motor Split-phase has normal starting torque and performance is also normal, but his power factor is low. It is used in extracting juices, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, machine dryer and fans.

The three-phase electric motor double speed has a normal starting torque, normal and low slip inrush current. This engine model is used on lathes, grinders, milling, drilling, boring machines, planers, cranes, conveyor belts and others.

The three-phase electric motor baldors aom3538 has high speed has high torque starting, high efficiency and high power factor and is used in circular saws, tapes, board gluing machines, sanding machines, milling machines, copiers, filters, separators and centrifuges.

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Electric motor with warranty

Like any other product that you are purchasing, the electric motor should also be guaranteed. This is a detail to provide you greater security when you buy a product, and if it fails, you will be entitled to replacement or refund of the same, even more so than the value of the product is high.

Most companies working with electric motor sales already offer this product warranty, the time depends heavily on the brand and also the company itself that is making the sale of the same. This detail makes all the difference and ends up offering greater comfort for the customer who is purchasing the product.

When it comes to electric motor used it is hard to find a product that is guaranteed, this feature would be present, but in newer engines than in older engines. It would be interesting to analyze this detail and always seek to give preference to the engines that really offers a guarantee for the customer.

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Electric Motor Maintenance

The maintenance of the electric motor is a very important part and that will allow you to ensure the smooth operation of this machine. The function of it is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and it is possible to run the process or equipment where it is inserted.

To give maintenance on an engine is necessary to have a specialized professional. First why he has to know what is the right frequency that maintenance should occur, according why it is necessary to know how to perform the procedure correctly.

The engine needs maintenance which varies according to its use. The more the motor is used, the greater as it use. Necessary to evaluate this issue so that the procedure can take place in a way. There are companies specialized in this part and that can help you in the maintenance and proper operation of your machine, it is important to pay attention to this detail.

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Meet the losses that may occur in the electric motor

The losses of the electric motor are divided into four parts which are: electrical losses, magnetic losses, mechanical losses and parasitic losses.

The loss of electric power engine type is sharply when the load is applied to the motor. These losses can be reduced to increase the stator section and the rotor conductors.

The magnetic losses classified as already occur in the stator iron plates and the rotor. They are motivated by the hysteresis and eddy currents. This variation occurs as the flux density and also on its frequency and they can be reduced by increasing the iron stator section and the rotor when it makes use of thin blades and the use of magnetic materials that are better.

Mechanical losses that the electric motor single phase transformers suffers are due to friction of the procedures, ventilation and losses that are generated by air. These losses can be resolved if they make use of low-friction system and improving the ventilation system.

Finally, the parasitic losses or lost loss of the electric motor are caused by the leakage flux, non-uniform distribution of current drain imperfectly air and irregularities in density of the air flow. With a more suitable electric motor design is that the electric motor can lose less.

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